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Michelle Rodriguez Fast series

Michelle Rodriguez is an actress and screenwriter who has been involved with many great action films over the course of her career. She’s been in the Fast & Furious franchise, the Resident Evil franchise, Avatar, and the Machete films.

She is easily one of the toughest women working in film today,

and would be an excellent antagonist for the third Wick film. It’s great that Ruby Rose was added to the roster as a secondary antagonist in John Wick: Chapter 2, but having a main female villain would be a huge step for the franchise. There haven’t been many great female villains in film history, as most villains have been white males, and Michelle Rodriguez could bring the intensity needed to the role.

Rodriguez also has extensive tactical weapons experience, and you can find a multitude of her videos on YouTube. She would be a perfect addition just based on the amazing training videos that she and Keanu Reeves would be able to make.

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