Every Song On The John Wick: Chapter 2 Soundtrack

john wick 2 soundtrack

It's a soundtrack that got the blood flowing while the main character got busy with the blood-shedding, so here's every song on the John Wick: Chapter 2 soundtrack. John Wick overcame what appeared to be a silly premise - a retired hitman seeks revenge for his murdered puppy - to become one of the most popular action movies of 2014. The combination of practical stunts and effects, mixed with Keanu Reeves' central performance and a fascinating group of side characters, made it a surprise hit.

The movie also marked a comeback for Keanu Reeves, who had come off a series of disappointing blockbusters like The Day The Earth Stood Still and 47 Ronin. Reeves also returned for John Wick: Chapter 2 & 3, with the movies reminding audiences just how good he could be with the right role. His haunted, brooding portrayal of Wick, combined with his skill for action and martial arts, made him perfect casting. He will return for John Wick: Chapter 4 in 2021. The franchise is also set to appear on TV soon with spinoff The Continental, which will focus on a new character and his interactions with the titular hotel for assassins; Reeves is expected to make a guest appearance on the show.

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Just like the original movie, John Wick: Chapter 2 features a great score, courtesy of returning composers Tyler Bates (Atomic Blonde) and Joel J. Richard. Here's every song and music cue found on the John Wick 2 soundtrack.

John Wick: Chapter 2 - Keanu Reeves

1. Plastic Heart (Nostalghia)

2. Shark Chevelle (Bates/Richard)

3. Man Of Focus (Bates/Richard)

4. Sumo Showdown (Bates/Richard)

5. Peace & Vodka (Bates/Richard)

6. Missing Helen (Bates/Richard)

7. Back In The Ground (Bates/Richard)

8. Santino (Bates/Richard)

9. Walk To Museum (Bates/Richard)

10. Guns & Turtlenecks (Bates/Richard)

11. Wick In Rome (Bates/Richard)

12. Suits Maps And Guns (Bates/Richard)

13. Fool (Nostalghia)

14. John Wick Mode (Le Castle Vania)

15. Razor Bath (Bates/Richard)

16. Catacombs (Bates/Richard)

17. La Vendetta (Bates/Richard)

18. Fountain Foes (Bates/Richard)

19. Knives On A Train (Bates/Richard)

20. Presto Museum Battle (Joel J. Richard)

21. Mirror Mayhem (Bates/Richard)

22. John Wick Reckoning (Bates/Richard)

23. A Job To Do (Jerry Cantrell)

In addition to the return of composers Bates and Richard, Nostalghia and Le Castle Vania also came back to contribute tracks. Le Castle Vania is an electronic music expert and after providing a number of memorable tracks for the nightclub shootout in the first John Wick, he returned for Chapter 2 with the pumping "John Wick Mode." This provides the backdrop for the first true gunfight in the sequel during a rave, with the DJ himself even making a cameo performing the music in the scene, which is a nice meta touch.

The Bates and Richard John Wick: Chapter 2 score itself is a blend of electronic and orchestra, with the duo expanding on their work from the first John Wick, combining brooding themes alongside more energetic cues. Singer Nostalghia provided two tracks for the sequel that she co-wrote with Bates, "Plastic Heart" - the first track of the album - and "Fool." These two tracks perfectly fit the noirish, moody world of John Wick and like Le Castle Vania, she also makes a cameo in the film as herself.

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  • John Wick: Chapter 4 (2021) release date: May 21, 2021
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