John Wick 2: John's Packing Twice the Heat in New Poster

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John Wick: Chapter Two is arguably the most hotly-anticipated action thriller of 2017 thanks to the critical and commercial success of John's first adventure. The original John Wick was a simple yet effective exercise in how to produce a modern action movie with visceral fight sequences and also saw lead actor Keanu Reeves in one of his best roles in recent times  - portraying an ex-assassin who just wants to put his feet up and retire with his dog.

The first movie might have flown under the radar initially upon its release but quickly picked up steam, thanks to word of mouth and good reviews. Due to that positive response, the sequel is experiencing a much more involved promotional campaign - and although none of the posters or trailers released so far give too much away about what lies in store for John, it appears as if John Wick fans are in for more of the same when the second chapter of his story is released.

Lionsgate's latest John Wick: Chapter Two poster continues that theme, with an image that depicts a top-down view of John Wick himself standing upon a cracked concrete background and dual wielding two silenced pistols - with the two guns forming the 'II' part of the movie's title:

John Wick Chapter 2 Poster

Like the sequel itself, this poster keeps things straight-forward, yet is undeniably effective and offers the same sleek and uncluttered aesthetic that the original John Wick movie used to such success. It's also pleasing to note that the poster eschews the standard action movie poster trope of the lead character posing mid-run in the center of the frame - gun in hand - staring off usually to the left whilst either a city landscape or explosion lurks in the background (see Taken, any Bourne movie).

And while this may be a case of over-analysis, it could be significant that John's firearms are actually pointing at his own name. The figures behind the franchise have already hinted that John Wick: Chapter Two will delve further into its lead character's personality and motivations and recently confirmed interest in a prequel TV show to further explore his history. As such, it wouldn't be too surprising if the poster is hinting that John will be forced to face some personal demons in his next killing spree.

If this is the case, the story will need to handle the emotional aspect of the movie very delicately, as one of the first film's strengths was that John's past was implied but never fully explored. This in turn created a sense of mystery around the character, which made his quest to become a regular guy far more compelling for viewers. There's a chance that delving too deeply into John's psyche and background will pull back the curtain on some of his mystique and dampen what originally made him such an engaging figure.

Source: Lionsgate (via Screen Crush)

Key Release Dates
  • John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) release date: Feb 10, 2017
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