John Wick: Chapter 2 Trailer Outtakes Show The Light Side

John Wick getting a virtual reality experience

Ahead of the home release of John Wick: Chapter 2, check out some outtakes from one of the film's villains, Abram Tarsov. John Wick has become one of the biggest new franchises of the 2010s, trading in on a mixture of impeccably choreographed gun-fu action and an immense alternate world; for every scene featuring Keanu Reeves taking down a gaggle of goons through a variety of violent means (mostly headshots), there's an expansion of the hidden world of assassins behind the world's biggest cities.

In sequel Chapter 2, John found himself having to fend for his life again after his previous actions left him open for a devious scheme involving blood pacts and high-stake contracts. Through all that, one character to survive was Abram Tarsov, brother to the original film's villain who is spared in the car-stealing opening and doesn't return for the rest of the film. Peter Stormare recently reprised his role for a trailer advertising the movie's home video marketing where he recounts some of John's previous acts and warns you explicitly to not cross him. Some outtakes of that show it isn't all deadly serious.

Following the teaser, Screen Rant can exclusively share some outtakes from Stormare from recording the sequence. They start off pretty much as you'd expect - the actor flubbing his lines and at one point even slipping out of his character's accent - but as they go on Stormare begins to have more fun with it, reading the sports pages, playing with his cigar smoke and at one point trying (and failing) to solve a Rubix cube. Check out the full clip above.

John Wick 2 poster - Reload (cropped)

Outtakes are always good fun, but these in particular tell their own little narrative and show the amount of fun that was had making a promotional sting. They also draw fan attention back to Tarsov, who is that rare Wick adversary to make it through physically unscathed (it's fair to say his pride has taken a knock though). While these teases will have been shot around the main production, they do show that the filmmakers haven't forgotten the character, creating hopes the expected Chapter 3 will bring John's revenge quest full circle.

That said, the future of John Wick is unclear. Chapter 2 ends on a cliffhanger that definitely leaves the door open and director Chad Stahelski has stated he has a clear plan for a third part, but an official announcement or release date hasn't been set yet.

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John Wick: Chapter 2 is out on Digital HD now and 4K, Blu-ray and DVD June 13th.

Source: Summit Entertainment

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