John Turturro Plays Two In Transformers 2

Agent Simmons, the dumbest character of Transformers and possibly one of the worst film characters ever is brought back as a main character in the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen. He of course is played by John Turturro.

They must really love Mr. Turturro because now it’s being reported that he is playing a second character in Transformers 2 - Or should I say voicing.

A user on the official Michael Bay forums read some interesting information from the French movie magazine Première Ciné Live and was kind enough to translate it for us. In it, we have some potential plot spoilers from some set reports as well as a hint of Turturro voicing the character, Jetfire.

Jetfire (also called Skyfire in the original Transformers cartoon) is a flyer with the Autobots. It was not always that way, as Jetfire has history with Starscream and was part of the Decepticons for a stint before switching over to the good guys. In the film, Jetfire takes the vehicular form of an SR-71 Blackbird. Coming full circle, it was rumored late last year that in the film Agent Simmons users some sort of radiation tracker to locate the Blackbird at some point in the film.

I paraphrased the loosely-translated quote so it actually makes some sense (as well as corrected an enormous amount of typos) [Spoiler Alert]:

Set: Egypt, in front of Kheops Pyramid, stands an ancient palace built for King Faruk’s guests. At “Action”, Shia runs through the yard, stops at the doorstep and hits the door with his shoulder. Megan Fox, John Turturro and Ramon Rodriguez follow next and hurry inside the building.

Shia heads up, shout a few words at an imaginary Bumblebee, and gets in.Three cars, the Camaro, the red TRAX and the green BEAT, start quickly and stop a bit further away to look out. The three vehicules are driven by black-suited (and thereby “invisible”) stuntmen behind the smoked glass.

At the end of the day, the crew moves to the third and smallest pyramid, Mykerinos.

John Turturo, back as the always-angry Agent Simmons has a scene involving him climbing up a few stones running from some Transformer (to be CGI-inserted in later). This hasn’t been done for 30 years as Egypt had forbidden filming on the pyramids as a result of too many accidents.

Michael Bay says:

  • I had the idea of these two stupid Transformers (Skids and Mudflap). They’re twins who can’t stop bickering, but they do heroic things at the beginning of the movie.
  • Bumblebee has become more serious. He doesn’t want to leave Sam’s parents’ garage.
  • There is also an old Transformer, who loses screws and bolts at every move and it’s John Turturro voicing him.

I'm already worried about this movie with how he describes the two new Autobot twins. When we got our first look at the twins from Transformers 2, I described them as looking stupid with their disproportionate faces and now we know that's exactly what they are. What a great decision to include these characters over of any of the unused original lineup from the cartoon...

So, what do you think of John Turturro’s characters?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24 2009.

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