John Travolta to Star in Fred Durst-Directed Thriller Moose

Hollywood legend John Travolta is set to play the villain in new thriller film Moose, written and directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. While Travolta might not be the A-list megastar he once was, it's fair to say that he still has a good amount of loyal fans, and that any project starring him is likely to garner interest. After all, no matter what critically despised films he might make now, the man starred in all-time hits like Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Pulp Fiction. That tends to afford an actor a certain level of lifetime acclaim.

Travolta can certainly still captivate an audience, as seen during his recent stint playing Robert Shapiro on the FX true crime drama The People vs. OJ Simpon: American Crime Story. Travolta's name value and reputation also played a big part in the moves that led his latest film Gotti - in which Travolta plays famous mob boss John Gotti - to get rescued from a scheduled VOD/limited theatrical release to a planned wide theatrical release later this year.

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Travolta's latest project is likely to raise a few eyebrows though. According to Bloody Disgusting, Travolta will star in Moose, an upcoming thriller written and directed by former rock titan Fred Durst. While Limp Bizkit tends to be looked back at as a bit of a laughing stock, there's no denying that for a while, Durst and his band were at or near the top of the music world. Travolta will play the titular character, an overly devoted movie fan that's dangerously obsessed with his favorite action star. The story draws inspiration from a real-life stalking incident Durst endured.

The object of Moose's obsession is actor Hunter Dunbar, played by Devon Sawa. Somewhat of a teen idol in the 90s, Sawa is probably best known for starring in horror films like Idle Hands and Final Destination. He's also remembered by many 90s kids for his early role in Casper. It might be hard to imagine the formerly skinny Sawa as an action star, but he's bulked up a good deal since those days, and now sports a more grizzled look. Additionally, anyone who watched The CW drama Nikita can attest that he's no stranger to action scenes.

While many might find the notion of Fred Durst, film director an odd one, it's important to note that he's actually by no means new to the game. Durst directed music videos for both Limp Bizkit and other rock artists, and has since directed two feature films, 2007's The Education of Charlie Banks (starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter) and 2008's The Longshots (starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer). While it still might seem weird to know that the guy who sang "Rollin'" will soon be directing the actor who played Vincent Vega, it's at least comforting to know that Moose won't be Durst's first venture behind the camera.

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Moose is currently filming in Alabama, but has yet to be assigned a release date.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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