John Romita, Jr. Talks 'Kick-Ass' Animation

Few upcoming comic book movies are as widely anticipated as Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass. After fans got their first look at the film at Comic-Con, it only took a few weeks before Lionsgate picked it up for distribution, and now we know that it will be released April 16, 2010. A pretty quick turnaround for a self-financed movie about wannabe teenage superheroes and foul-mouthed prepubescent assassins, don't you think?

The phenomenal buzz surrounding Kick-Ass comes in no small part from the creative talents of the comic's creators, Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. As such, it's no surprise that director Matthew Vaughn decided to work closely with both Millar and Romita throughout the production. In fact, Romita even produced his own animated sequence for the film. Now, thanks to MTV, we know exactly what it will be about.

In an exclusive interview, Romita explained that the animated sequence would show the origin of Nicolas Cage's character, Big Daddy. (FYI - Romita's quotes might be considered minor spoilers)

"The animated sequence is about a minute, minute and a half...There's a comic book that Nicolas Cage's character has drawn as a shrine to his victims...It's basically an origin of him. [Big Daddy's] partner will come in when Nicolas Cage is carted off to prison. He comes in, opens the book up and it morphs into Nicolas Cage's origin."

According to MTV, the scene should be nearly identical to a similar sequence in the comic (if you're a big fan of the comic, I'd love to hear more about this scene in the comments).

I have a feeling that, with its unique mix of humor and violence, Kick-Ass will be one of the surprise hits of 2010, even with its "R" rating. What do you think? Are you excited to see Romita, Jr.'s artwork on the big screen?

Kick-Ass will hit theaters on April 16th, 2010.

Source: MTV

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