John Rambo Goes To Hell And Back... Not

Anyway, the word today was that the studio had just renamed Sylvester Stallone's fourth Rambo movie from the simple and effective:

John Rambo

to the longer and cliche'd:

Rambo to Hell and Back

If this new title had been the first one out I might not have minded it, but compared to the first one it seems kind of hokey.

Now comes word from Harry Knowles over at Ain't it Cool News that he personally spoke to Sly Stallone and convinced him to keep the original title of John Rambo for the film. According to them, here's the direct quote from Stallone:

"Alright, that's the title. JOHN RAMBO."

Stallone saw all the negative comments in the talkback over at AICN regarding the title change and decided to pick up the phone and call Harry and there you have it.

I sure wish Screen Rant had some of that juice...

John Rambo or Rambo to Hell and Back opens on January 25, 2008.

Source: Moviehole and AICN

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