John McTiernan and Thomas Jane Team Up For Run

It looks like things are looking up for John McTiernan (or McT, as he is known to his friends). He has just signed Thomas Jane to star in Run, a film that producer Gary Hamilton says is an:

"...unrelenting action-thriller in true McTiernan style, creating acrobatic mayhem in exotic locales."

Lets hope that "true McTiernan style" means Die Hard and not Rollerball or wire-tapping (the wire tapping reference relates to McTiernan being found guilty in 2006 of tapping Rollerball producer Charles Roven's phone).

Seriously this is good news - McTiernan can deliver the goods, he just needs the right project and with Jane attached this film could be right up his alley.

Jane will play an Interpol agent who happens upon a conspiracy while in Argentina and then becomes involved in a high speed chase across the country.

I'm a big fan of McTiernan's work and I always look forward to his films. He has directed some of cinema's most iconic action movies and he deserves another chance with this film. Just one chance, mind you!

Although the storyline of Run sounds as generic as it's title, I have faith in McTiernan. Just think how unexciting and generic Die Hard, Predator and a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair sound on paper. I even enjoyed The Thirteenth Warrior. Let's just not talk about Rollerball!

Thomas Jane is also a pretty cool leading man... much better than Chris Klein! If I was forced into making a movie with that guy as my lead star - I'd start bugging people's phones.

Run has a budget of $35 million and it goes before the cameras on April 14th.

Source: Variety

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