John Malkovich Joins 'Jonah Hex'


So with Brolin in place as the star, Hayward locked down as the director and Nevaldine and Taylor's script still in full play, who shall play the much needed villain of this adaptation? Well, none other than Oscar nominated actor John Malkovich.

Things just got a little more interesting, didn't they?

Malkovich will play Quentin Turnbull, apparently (as I have next to no knowledge of the original comic) Hex's most consistent and recurring villain. Here's a character description to help those not in the know (which includes me) out:

Turnbull, heir to a Southern plantation, grew up with young Jonah in the days before the Civil War. Jonah joined the rebels and the animosity began when he was framed by a Union soldier for slaughtering his own men - among them Quentin Turnbull's son. Naturally, Turnbull vows vengeance - long, complicated vengeance.

Now not knowing anything about the original comic (nor the story or the characters), but instead going by that above description alone - I can't see why Malkovich couldn't pull it off. He's rarely failed at a movie role - whether it be fun action roles (such as Con Air - man he was awesome in that) or more dramatic roles - having him in your movie is never a bad thing (I don't think... correct me if he flat-out sucked in anything).

Jonah Hex is an adaptation I anticipate greatly, not just because of Brolin and now Malkovich but because the direction they seem to be taking with the plot just sounds so damn cool - with a lot of potential to turn out to be some seriously kick-ass viewing.


Here's hoping the weak link in the chain (the director, who I have no idea why Brolin has so much faith in since he's only ever done animation before) doesn't ruin the whole thing.

Jonah Hex is set to start shooting in April this year.

Source: Collider

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