John Krasinski Would Love To Be In An Office Reboot

John Krasinski says he's game to return for a reboot of The Office TV show. Reboot and revival mania is rampant across network television. Will & Grace returned to NBC late last year and has already been renewed for another season. The X-Files is already in the second season of its revival run on FOX. Twin Peaks returned on Showtime last year after more than 25 years on the sidelines. There are many more on the air and many more to come, including next month’s Roseanne return and revivals of such long-ago shows as Murphy Brown and Magnum P.I.

With Will & Grace pulling in strong ratings, NBC is reportedly thinking about bringing back another of its popular Thursday night shows of the past: The Office. There were rumors about a month ago that NBC was thinking about giving The Office another go, and while a return to Scranton is by no means a certainty, there’s some interest in bringing it back. Now one of the series’ major stars is saying he’s interested in coming back.

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John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert for the entire nine-year run of The Office on NBC, appeared on Ellen Monday to promote the upcoming movie A Quiet Place, which he directed and stars in. During the interview, Krasinski expressed interest in returning to his famous TV role:

“I did hear [about 'The Office' revival], on the Internet. Guess who didn’t get a call? Me!”

After joking about how upset he was about not getting a call, Krasinski replied “Are you kidding? I’d love to get that gang back together.His TV wife, Jenna Fischer, had the same answer when asked last month. That Krasinski hasn’t gotten a call yet (assuming he’s not joking about that) would appear to indicate either that the Office reboot isn’t happening, is very early on in the development process, or will feature an all-new cast rather than the actors from the original cast.

The better question to ask might be, is bringing back The Office actually a good idea? The show, in its original run, ran for nine seasons, and considering how subpar it got in its later years, it probably ran too long. It had a definitive, satisfactory series finale that probably doesn’t need to be reopened, and much of the cast is busy with other things. Krasinski is starring in the upcoming Amazon series Jack Ryan in addition to A Quiet Place and as he discussed on Ellen, he recently moved his family to New York, away from where The Office filmed in California. Most of the key writers and creative people have moved on to other things as well. And don’t forget: the original British version of The Office wrapped up its entire run in just two seasons and a Christmas special.

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A Quiet Place comes out Friday, April 6, while Jack Ryan arrives on Amazon on August 31. More on The Office revival as the story develops.

Source: Ellen

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