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If you take a look back at Marvel's track record with casting, it's hard to find a major character that was completely miscast. That might not always be the case, but for right now it is helping Marvel Studios attract some of the biggest names in Hollywood to join. The likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen, Josh Brolin, Kurt Russell, Michael Keaton, and Brie Larson have all joined within the last few years and are coming closer to their eventual debuts. Even with these big names, Marvel has also done a great job of turning other actors into stars, which is something that could have happened to John Krasinski had things gone differently.

Krasinski was at one time up for Captain America and recently talked about the effect Chris Hemsworth had on his process getting the role. If the cards had played out differently, it is certainly possible that he would be our current Cap and not Chris Evans. That may not be the case, but he has once again stated his desire to find a way to get involved, praising Marvel's consistency.

Krasinski has been making the rounds to promote his directorial debut, The Hollars, and the conversation once again turned to Marvel while speaking with Collider. He might have missed out on Captain America, but if the opportunity arose again, he would be all for joining the MCU:

Absolutely. My whole thing is I’m such a huge fan of the Marvel movies, so if there are any characters left for sure, bang the drum [laughs]. Just to be in that world, they’re really well-made and they seem like they’re having a lot of fun and I happen to be friends with a whole bunch of those guys and girls, so to me it would be a great time, I’d love it.

John Krasinski, Captain America, and Hawkeye

He has not been shy to continue to voice his hope of getting a role, and with there always being a new part up for grabs, do not be surprised if Krasinski is one day cast in a hero, villain, or supporting role. It could have been easy for him to not want to go through the audition process again for one of these roles, but he has been a big fan of what Marvel has done recently. He mentions Guardians of the Galaxy as one of the reasons why, but also that the part he wanted ended up going to a good friend of his in Evans:

They seem to have figured it out that your audience is only gonna keep coming back if you deliver them quality. I think Guardians of the Galaxy was the best example of that because, to me at least, that was the one that everybody felt like “Oh how could they make this work? How could it be good?” and then it ended up being one of the best ones, I think. ... I just happened to watch Captain America: Civil War, and first of all I’m so glad I didn’t get Captain America when you see Chris do it because he’s fantastic at it. ... But that one in particular, Civil War, was so well-written. They take the time to make good movies, which I think that’s the problem, people aren’t taking the time to write a good story.

It will always be hard to see Krasinski on screen and not think of his role as Jim Halpert from The Office, but he's shown he has what it takes to be a leading man in an action film. Whether it's Marvel, or possibly even DC, if Krasinski continues to voice his desire for a role, it could very well happen. We have seen plenty of people use interviews and social media to get roles in the past, so this could be the latest case. Now, it could be up to the reception of fans to figure out whether or not audiences want to see him join a superhero universe.

Source: Collider

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