Paul Giamatti Makes the F-Bombs Rain in the First 'John Dies at the End' Clip

Get ready to look at soy sauce in a whole new way. In honor of John Dies at the End’s recent VOD release and its upcoming theatrical debut, Magnet Releasing is busy showing off some thoughtful and twisted promotional material that perfectly suits the movies.

We’ve got that anti-piracy trailer, which warns that your body will spontaneously explode if you pirate the film; then this grotesquely appropriate poster that’ll be even more enjoyable to ogle after you’ve caught the full feature; and now we have the very first clip from the film.

The moment does stand on its own, but just to give you a little context: Paul Giamatti plays Arnie, a feature reporter getting the details of David Wong’s (Chase Williamson) life, which spun out of control courtesy of a drop of soy sauce. No, not the kind of soy sauce you dunk your sushi in - rather a seemingly alive new drug that completely warps your reality, heightening your senses, but also pitting you against dangerous supernatural entities. Oh, and John dies at the end.

The movie is like a stoner comedy that collided with a dark sci-fi adventure with a hint of Troma. The details are original and imaginative to the max, and director Don Coscarelli makes them all the more enthralling with mesmerizing imagery; however, there’s no denying that John Dies at the End is a lot to digest and isn’t for everybody.

John Dies at the End Poster

Good thing you’ve got this handy promotional campaign to give it a test run. If you appreciate the humor in the anti-piracy trailer and the finer details of that poster don’t make you squirm, you’ve graduated to this clip. David is trying to convince Arnie his story isn’t total BS by introducing him to his not so warm and cuddly little pet. Dig the results? Then John Dies at the End is certainly worth a spin.

This type of heightened reality isn’t easy to pull off, but Coscarelli has the details of the world planned to a "t" and executes them so well that this bizarre horror comedy has a good shot at wider appeal.

John Dies at the End is currently available on VOD and is due to hit theaters on February 3rd.


Source: Bloody Disgusting

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