John Cusack Enters The Factory

Everyone likes John Cusack. He's one of the few actors who rarely phones in a performance and even his "paycheck" films are worth watching- including Must Love Dogs, barely.

In recent years Cusack seems to have been the go-to guy for mid-budget psychological thrillers, with the likes of Identity and this year's 1408.

Cusack has now signed up for The Factory, a new thriller for Joel Silver's Dark Castle shingle.

The films tells the story of a cop on the trail of a serial killer, who according to the Hollywood Reporter "drops any professional restraint and goes all out to get the killer" when his daughter goes missing.

This all sounds very generic and if it's from Dark Castle (the company behind Gothika and the House of Wax remake amongst others) then it probably is, however I do have faith in Cusack's choice in projects.

Morgan O'Neill, a winner of the Australian "Project Greenlight" co-wrote the script with actor Paul Leyden, O'Neill will also direct.

Although I sound apprehensive about this, I don't mean to. I always enjoy a good serial killer film, and I get a kick out of "loose cannon" cop movies. With John Cusack involved this should, at the very least be a reasonable addition to the genre.

The film is set in Buffalo, New York, but as Canadian producer Don Carmody is involved I'd bet good money it will lens in Canada.

We'll find out next year. The film begins shooting in January.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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