John Cleese Teases DCEU Role With New Photo

John Cleese and Justice League

Since its debut in 2013 with Man of Steel, the DC Extended Universe has been personified by its serious, gritty tone. This has received praise and criticism in equal measure; some like the way it allows the films to tackle deep issues, but others bemoan the lack of levity.

There was at one point talk that Warner Bros. was imposing a no-joke rule, but Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad proved that resolutely wrong and trailers for upcoming films Wonder Woman and Justice League have also shown hints of humor; nothing as intense as Marvel's quips, but things to lighten the tone. However, it now looks like DC could be getting in some real comic caliber to really balance out the seriousness.

Famed British comedian John Cleese tweeted out an image ahead of an on-stage Q&A that may hint that the former Python could be heading to the DCEU; eagle-eyed fans spotted that on his desk are three DC comics books - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Justice League: Origin and Batman Noir: The Black Mirror - leading to speculation he's prepping for an appearance in the series:

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