John Cena Makes Surprise Appearance at WWE Raw Reunion

After not being announced in advance for the big TV event, John Cena delighted WWE fans by making a surprise appearance at Raw Reunion. Officially announced during the recent Extreme Rules pay-per-view, WWE's Raw Reunion seems like a fairly transparent attempt to give their falling ratings numbers a boost. A ploy or not though, that hasn't stopped WWE devotees from looking forward to getting reacquainted with some of their favorite wrestlers of the past.

Among the many popular names confirmed in advance for Raw Reunion were "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, and Kurt Angle. Some less obvious picks like The Godfather, Santino Marella, and Rikishi are along for the ride too. As of this writing, some of those people have popped up onscreen, while others haven't quite yet. With three hours of Raw to get through, there's certainly plenty of space for surprises as well.

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In fact, WWE's Raw Reunion started right off with likely the biggest surprise of the night, when John Cena's music hit. Cena was seen as unlikely to make the show, due to his currently filming Fast and Furious 9. Yet, show up he did, eliciting a huge reaction from the live crowd. The love he received from the audience proves that the old adage about absence making the heart grow fonder is true, as we've come a long way from the days of half the arena chanting Let's Go Cena! and the other half chanting Cena Sucks!.

John Cena Dr Thuganomics

While Cena didn't stick around for very long - assuming he doesn't appear again later in the show - he made his time count, especially after The Usos came out to playfully accuse Cena of ditching WWE for Hollywood and implore him to go into Doctor of Thugnanomics mode and drop some rhymes. Cena did eventually respond with the cutting "Respect for calling me out, but there's no way I’m getting bested. Y’all look just like your mug shots, how was it getting arrested?" referencing real legal troubles suffered by the tag team.

Rikishi - father to the Usos - then emerged, not to defend his sons, but to demand they and Cena join him in a Too Cool-style dance number. Cena seemed game after some initial reluctance, but Raw tag team champions The Revival and D-Von Dudley arrived to spoil the fun, leading to a match between Revival and Usos. Prior to the match starting, Cena took his leave, safe in the knowledge he'd given the WWE fans in Tampa something to remember.

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