RUMOR PATROL: John Cena in Talks for 'True Lies' TV Show

Could WWE superstar John Cena be in the running for the lead role in James Cameron's 'True Lies' TV show? Screen Rant's Rumor Patrol investigates.

Will John Cena Star in a True Lies TV Show

Back in September, we reported that James Cameron was in the process of developing a True Lies TV series with Rene Echevarria (Castle) as the Executive Producer and showrunner. Since then, we haven't heard much about the project (or the now-unlikely possibility of a True Lies 2).

Recent reports, however, suggest that the project is still very much in development and that Cameron may have a lead actor in mind for the role.

According to the Australian movie website What's Playing, WWE superstar and semi-successful film actor John Cena is being considered for a part in the True Lies TV series. It's unclear if the part is Schwarzenegger's role from the popular 1994 film, or a new character designed for the TV series.

While What's Playing acknowledges that this is a "fat rumor," the tipster that contacted the site does offer a faint whiff of credibility. Quoting from What's Playing, here's what the source had to say about John Cena and the True Lies TV project:

[company removed] does a bit of work with Lightstorm. I've been involved in a new 3D animated over at [company removed]. Had heard Tuesday that the True Lies telemovie and the series that will follow, which Lightstorm are doing, are looking at John Cena. Don't know if he'd be a new character or Schwarzenegger's character from the film. It's still early because they're only on the first draft but thought you'd like to know what kind of 'type' they're considering for the show.

Although this story has to be taken with a huge grain of salt, I think Cena might in fact be a decent candidate for the role. He's big, strong, and, most importantly, popular. Given the short shelf-life of TV shows, Cena's built-in fanbase may make him an attractive candidate to producers. Furthermore, the guy has experience acting. Granted, starring in The Marine isn't the same as playing Hamlet, but at least it's something. Above all else, producers like to mitigate risk when they're casting shows.

James Cameron Developing True Lies TV Show

We'll keep our eyes on this story to see if there's any truth to it or not. In the meantime, feel free to debate the merits of John Cena starring in the True Lies TV show. Those who vote "nay" may find some evidence to back up their claims in this Screen Rant article from last March: "Fighters Turned Actors: Who's to Blame?"

Source: What's Playing?

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