John Cena Open to Playing Captain America in the MCU

Multi-time WWE world champion turned blockbuster actor John Cena playfully says he'd be open to taking over the role of Captain America in the MCU. In a circumstance that amuses many wrestling fans, it was less than a decade ago that Cena's WWE character was relentlessly slamming his opponent The Rock for ditching the company and going to Hollywood. Yet, at this point, Cena himself spends more time acting in films then he does competing inside a WWE ring.

While Cena has yet to hit the heights enjoyed by Dwayne Johnson, he's not doing badly at all with his ongoing acting career. Cena initially appeared in a few movies produced by WWE Films, but first caught the attention of Hollywood at large via s small but hilarious role in the 2015 Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck. He would go on to appear in the successful Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy's Home and its sequel, as well as voice the titular bull in the animated film Ferdinand. Cena more recently starred in the 2018 sex comedy Blockers, and will soon play the lead human villain in Transformers spinoff movie Bumblebee.

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Recently, Cena posted an image on social media of Captain America's shield, sans caption or explanation. With Chris Evans seemingly intending to depart the MCU following the release of Avengers 4, some naturally wondered if Cena was dropping a hint that he'd like to take over the role of Steve Rogers. While it seems highly unlikely that Marvel Studios would recast Steve, Cena was asked during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show what he thought of the rumors. Cena seemed genuinely surprised they even existed, but said he'd be up for the challenge, albeit in a decidedly cheeky manner.

While his answer to Ellen above suggests that Cena doesn't see a high probability that Marvel Studios would actually offer him the role, it would actually be a tad fitting. Prior to Evans being cast as Captain America, some fans had suggested Cena, due to his physical resemblance to traditional portrayals of the character. Cena certainly wouldn't need much training to look like a super soldier. Still, Cena's acting and screen presence back in those days was a lot rougher than it is now, so Evans getting the part was for the best.

Whether or not it'll ever be in the cards for Cena to play Captain America in some fashion, it's not hard to imagine him eventually joining either Marvel or DC's movie franchises. He's got the appearance and charisma to play a superhero, and his onscreen nemesis turned offscreen pal The Rock is set to play Black Adam for DC. Perhaps it'll one day be time for a supervillain to get his "attitude adjusted."

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Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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