John Carpenter Wants to Score Halloween 2018's Sequel

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Original Halloween director and composer, John Carpenter, made fans very happy when he returned to score David Gordon Green's 2018 sequel, and now, the Master of Horror has expressed interest in scoring another sequel. Halloween (2018) was one of the year's most highly anticipated films. The film went on to explode box office records and is set to be released on Blu-ray early next January. The release will also include several deleted scenes that were cut from the film, including moments from the trailers fans noticed missing.

Halloween was a direct sequel to the original, ignoring every film but the 1978 classic. This allowed Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis to return as Laurie Strode, the role that made her a household name. This was her first appearance in the series since 2002's Halloween: Resurrection. In this new film, Laurie spent the last 40 years preparing for the inevitable return of Michael Myers. Alongside Curtis was Nick Castle, returning to reprise The Shape for a very brief moment.

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Jamie Lee Curtis has shared her interest in returning for another sequel under certain conditions, but it is not yet known if Halloween (2018) co-writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride will return for a sequel - though McBride has confirmed that talks for a sequel are underway. For his part, John Carpenter was recently interviewed by Consequence of Sound where he said he would be interested in scoring a sequel to Green's film, stating: "We'll be ready. We've talked about it. We'll be ready." Carpenter also served as executive producer for the film, and guided Green to making the best sequel possible. (It is no secret that Carpenter wasn't a fan of what the Michael Myers character had turned into as the series continued.)

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Halloween's first track released was The Shape Returns, and it teased a taste of the films modern revamp of the classic main theme. The main theme for the film was also shared with several as an added bonus for purchasing tickets online at Fandango. The film's score has been credited as a major aspect to of the film's success and it should come as no surprise since John Carpenter was who composed it. Carpenter didn't compose all  by himself, though, he brought along his son Cody to join him.

A sequel to Halloween was inevitable once it blew up at the box office, and the film does end in a similar fashion to the original, leaving the door open for a sequel. The film was built up around the confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, but things may be far from over between the two if the box office has anything to say about it. One thing is for certain, when the two do come face to face again, it's nice to know that John Carpenter would like to accompany them with another excellent score.

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Source: Consequence of Sound

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