John Carpenter And Nicolas Cage Are Scared Straight

Okay, enough with the jokes about the title!

Anyone can go for a cheap gag and an innuendo laden article - God knows I've written enough of them myself - but when Master of Horror John Carpenter is attached to a movie it is no laughing matter. When it stars A-List talent like Nicolas Cage then it is truly something to get excited about.

Carpenter and Cage are in final negotiations to direct and star in Scared Straight - a prison set thriller. The synopsis is as follows:

"'Straight' follows a troubled youth who's sent to prison off the 'Scared Straight' crime-prevention program, which imprisons delinquent teens for a short period in the hopes of deterring them from a life of crime. While the teen is there, a riot breaks out and the prisoners take him hostage. A lifer, played by Cage, is forced to help the young man out."

It sounds like it could be pretty damn cool. I think that I'm a well known Cage apologist and John Carpenter is one of my heroes, so I'm pretty excited over this film.

Carpenter hasn't made a film in seven years, and to see him make one with bankable star smells of comeback.  While it may not be his usual mix of Horror or Sci-Fi, it does sound like there could be a great deal of tension - like Assault in Precinct 13, and if it's half as good as that film then we're in for a treat.

BTW - I am talking about the original Assault on Precinct 13 - not the remake!

The film will be financed by Nu Image/Millennium Films  (who seem to be developing a lot of films these days) while it will be produced by Rob Cohen (director of XXX and The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor).

The film is set for an October start date - if all goes well in the negotiations. I really hope that Carpenter finds room for Kurt Russell in this, those guys need to work together again!

I will definitely keep you posted on this one.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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John Carpenter And Nicolas Cage Are Scared Straight