Carpenter & Swank Take A Trip To Fangland

Late last year we brought you the news that horror legend John Carpenter was eyeing directing duties on the horror film Fangland. When we didn’t hear anything else about the film we presumed that it had gone the way of most projects that Carpenter has been attached to over the past decade and vanished into thin air.

Well, we are happy to announce that Carpenter has now signed on to direct the vampire picture which is set to star Oscar winner Hilary Swank.

Fangland, which will be produced by Sriram Das and Blumhouse Productions, is based on a 2008 novel by John Marks. It follows television producer Evangeline Harker (Swank) as she travels to Transylvania and meets an arms dealer who is a modern day Dracula.

Apparently “she delivers more than a story when mysterious e-mails, coffins and a creepy guy named Torgu descend on the New York office.”

I’ve said this a million times (there’s very little hyperbole in that) but Carpenter hasn’t made enough films over the last decade - his last big screen effort was 2001’s Ghosts of Mars, while his next will be The Ward with Amber Heard is out in September. Carpenter must have enjoyed his stay in The Ward as he's now displaying a renewed interest in directing. He was previously attached to Riot (or Scared Straight) which was set to star Nicolas Cage, but that film fell apart in preproduction.

Vampires are big business at the box office at the moment, and it would be good to see Carpenter deliver a solid hit and reignite his career. However, it’s not like the director is hurting for a buck, as he must have earned a pretty penny from the remakes of his back catalogue, which include The Fog, Halloween and the forthcoming The Thing.

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