• John Carpenter had some issues with Rob Zombie's reimagining of Halloween, and didn't mince words in expressing his dislike of the film. 1 / 8

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  • Zombie's take, which embraced the ultra-violence, language, and hyper sexuality he's known for as a director, gave a rich backstory to the character of Michael Myers. 2 / 8

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  • Myers was explored as a boy, before the fateful night when he murdered his sister. Zombie added an abusive home, an alcoholic stepfather, and bullying... 3 / 8

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  • Essentially, Zombie's take was that Michael's evil was a product of circumstance, that he was evil by 'nurture' and misfortune that drove him to a violent edge. 4 / 8

  • Carpenter's take was more demurely sinister, with Michael being 'The Shape' with an unknown history before the night he snapped. 5 / 8

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  • The sharp comparison was a turn-off to some fans, especially those who preferred Carpenter's version and sided with him over Zombie, given the animosity between them. 6 / 8

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  • The 2018 movie gave fans initial pause as well, but ultimately, Carpenter lent his hand to the film in a minimal capacity, delivering a finished remake that was, in many fans' opinion, a worthy one. 7 / 8

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