John Carpenter's Ringtone Is The Halloween Theme Song

Legendary film director John Carpenter uses his own theme song from Halloween as a ringtone. This is according to a story from David Gordon Green, who's helming the sequel coming out this year. Green and the cast of the new movie hit Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con today. There, they showed off some new footage and took questions from fans about the latest addition to the classic horror series.

Green is new to the genre. His previous work includes projects like stoner comedy Pineapple Express, 12 episodes of the HBO series Eastbound and Down, and the drama Stronger. So not only is he tackling a different kind of project, but he's contributing to one of the most beloved franchises in film. Fans are expecting a lot from the new Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her career-defining role as Laurie Strode, who survived her first encounter with killer Michael Myers in the 1978 original.

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Carpenter is returning as executive producer, and is said to have been quite involved with the creative process. Green shared at the Hall H panel that he learned about the master of horror's phone settings during their first meeting. "In the middle of the meeting his phone went off and it was the theme from Halloween," Green said, "and I almost lost it."

A lot of people probably have the Halloween theme announcing phone calls. But Carpenter has a special claim to the tune. In addition to directing, producing, and co-writing the original, he also composed all the music. The familiar, synthesized tune is one of the most recognizable movie themes ever, so it surely has a special place in Carpenter's heart. In a move that delighted fans, Carpenter will also return to compose the score for the new movie.

Rather than following up the last movie in the non-Rob Zombie lineage, Halloween: Resurrection, the new entry is a direct sequel to the first film. That was a good decision, because Strode dies in the opening scenes of Resurrection, and Jamie Lee Curtis' return is one of the biggest draws of the reboot. The move does further confuse the Halloween timeline though, since filmmakers have already tried to restart it several times. Halloween 3 saw the franchise unsuccessfully try to dump Myers and become an anthology, 4-6 played host to Myers' return and stalking of his niece Jamie, H20 and Resurrection ignored 4-6, and then Rob Zombie came along to make two Halloween films entirely unrelated from the rest.

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