John Carpenter Directing TV Pilot By X-Men Writer David Hayter

John Carpenter

John Carpenter is set to direct a pilot written by X-Men scribe David Hayter. When it comes to genre films, there are few directors held in higher esteem than Carpenter. The man has helmed multiple classics in the horror, sci-fi, and action genres, and possesses a filmography that just about anyone would be jealous of. Carpenter all-but gave birth to the slasher genre with 1978's Halloween, made an indelible mark on pop culture with 1988's They Live, and teamed up with Kurt Russell for a badass trio of '80s films: Escape from New York, The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. In short, the man is a legend in the eyes of many.

Unfortunately, Carpenter's career was never really the same after the '80s - with the exception of 1995 cult classic In the Mouth of Madness - and his final directorial effort to date was 2010's haunted psychiatric hospital flick The Ward, starring Amber Heard. The Ward was received negatively by most, and needless to say, has not stood as a great bookend to Carpenter's storied legacy as a filmmaker.

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For the longest time now, it seemed like Carpenter would never direct again, but a recent foray into the world of TV producing seems to have lit his creative fire back up again. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, X-Men and X-2 writer David Hayter told an audience during a recent convention appearance that he's currently writing and producing a TV show that none other than Carpenter is directing the pilot episode of.

Kurt Russell and John Carpenter

Hayter didn't reveal what the show he and Carpenter are collaborating on is about, so it's unclear what material managed to draw Carpenter out of his long hiatus and back behind the camera. Carpenter was previously reported to be working on anthology series Tales for a Halloween Night and an adaptation of Simon R. Green's Nightside novels, as part of an overall deal with Universal Cable Productions. However, it's unknown at this juncture if his project with Hayter falls under said deal with the company or is an unrelated venture.

Whatever the pilot in question ends up being about, it's sure to draw a good number of viewers based solely on the fact that it will be Carpenter's first directing job in 7 years. After such a long break, here's hoping that Carpenter is rejuvenated creatively, and ready to make something more akin to The Thing in quality than The Ward.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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