John Boyega 'Aiming' For Marvel Role; Teases 'Black Panther'

John Boyega (Attack The Block, Star Wars 7) teases 'Black Panther' while sharing his knowledge and interest in Marvel Comics and joining a Marvel movie.

Comic-Con - Marvel's Black Panther

Attack The Block put him on the map. Star Wars: Episode VII is making him a star. Could Marvel Studios fulfill his dreams?

British actor John Boyega landed the ultimate acting job of joining the Star Wars film franchise in J.J. Abram's Episode 7 but the self-proclaimed comic book "nerd" has another gig he wants within the Disney empire. Earlier today, Boyega launched a storm of Marvel-related tweets, from his thoughts on some of the recent Marvel Comics headlines about Falcon becoming Captain America to his interest in a role with Marvel.

He flat out said he's "aiming" for a role before teasing the character of Black Panther. And with San Diego Comic-Con beginning tomorrow with preview night, he couldn't have picked a worse time if he's just joking around - unless he's trying to get fans riled up.


Marvel role? ....hehehe ... I'm dam right aiming for it

— John Boyega (@JBoyega) July 22, 2014


Currently booking flight to wakanda

— John Boyega (@JBoyega) July 22, 2014

Marvel Studios hosts their panel on Saturday at 5:30 pm PST where they will provide an "inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe." And by that they mean they will unveil their upcoming slate of unannounced films that are scheduled out up to and including 2019. Marvel Studios president of production - and producer on all the films - Kevin Feige seemed to tease that characters like Black Panther could have their origins told within other films but we still included Black Panther as a title character we'd like to see get their own adventure in the coming years. Check our list of 5 movies we want Marvel to announce at Comic-Con here.

John Boyega in Attack the Block

For years Feige, Stan Lee and other high-ups at Marvel have expressed interest in Black Panther and it could be as soon as The Avengers: Age of Ultron next summer that we get to learn at least a bit more about the fictional nation of Wakanda from the comics, home of the character. That is, if the rumors are true. Just nine months ago Feige also said that Black Panther was absolutely in development. It would certainly be one of the more pleasant surprises if a Black Panther title card with a movie logo pops up on the screens this weekend at Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.

Could his flight mean that John Boyega is on his way to Comic-Con - taking a break from shooting Star Wars - to take part in the Marvel Studios panel or is he just having fun and simply wants to be a part of that? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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