Updates On Sherlock Holmes 2, 'Hot Wheels' & 'Logan's Run'

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Producer Alex Heineman recently shared some information on three films he and Joel Silver are working on. In an interview with Collider, the Silver Pictures producer made mention of significant movement in the production of  Hot Wheels and the Logan's Run remake, while confirming Sherlock Holmes 2 is definitely something they want to get off the ground.


Not much was said about Sherlock Holmes 2, but if you enjoyed the Guy Ritchie adaptation, you'll be pleased to hear the production company plans on the sequel coming together soon. While Heineman mentioned they are quite busy at the moment, especially with at least the other two films, he also said "[it] is something that looks like it's going to come together."

Frankly, it would be surprising if it didn't, considering it was rumored to begin filming this summer. However, as we previously reported, even Holmes star Jude Law cannot confirm that Sherlock Holmes 2 is a go at the moment, so who knows...


Heineman opened up a bit more in regards to Hot Wheels and Logan's Run. As silly as it sounds, the possibility of Hot Wheels being an entertaining film is growing more likely. It will be difficult to separate itself from Transformers, the most famous toy-based movie right now, and Heineman is well aware of that fact:

"It has to be different from 'The Fast and the Furious,' 'Speed Racer,' and 'Transformers.' We have to figure out a way in that makes sense to make a movie from the property. It doesn't have a mythology like 'Transformers' does, but we're trying to figure out a way into it."

All great points and it's good to hear that they at least care about thinking this through. It would be mighty easy to just throw some toy cars into a race and turn the drivers into bad guys. But if they can inject some sort of personality and life into the vehicles, the film has a much better chance to succeed on a franchise level.


When it comes to Logan's Run (a remake of a bonafide sci-fi classic) fans are even more skeptical. Reminiscent of the recent revisiting of Tron, Silver Pictures intends on finding the right director with a passion for the story. Bryan Singer was rumored to direct this at one point, but IMDBPro has Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski currently listed at the helm for Logan's Run. That would actually be good news, in my opinion.

"We have a couple of scripts with some really good stuff. For us, it's really all about a filmmaker. A lot of filmmakers really love the movie and are interested, so it's really about finding a director that has a vision for it that makes sense."

"The concept in that movie, alone, is really interesting, and the book is actually a lot different than the movie that was made in the '70s."

The men behind this film have a clear concept of where they want to go with it. The story and concepts still ring true today (to certain extents), but must be updated and brought to a modern audience in a relevant manner. Heineman makes mention of that task and it seems the production company knows what it's doing.

All in all, some interesting information from a source close to Joel Silver, easily one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. These three films that all have potential to be great, but two could also be massive flops. It's all about the approach.

What do you think? Are you excited about any of these productions? Which would you like to see first?

Sherlock Homes 2, Hot Wheels, and Logan's Run are all currently in development. We'll keep you updated.

Source: Collider

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