Joel Silver Producing 'Sanctuary' - A Cross Between 'Blade' & 'Wanted'

Joel Silver is developing 'Sanctuary,' which has been described as a cross between 'Blade' and 'Wanted.'

Joel Silver Producing Sanctuary

Joel Silver is one of the most legendary action movie producers in Hollywood history, having produced 48 Hrs., Lethal Weapon, Predator, Die Hard, The Matrix, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and many, many more. Of course, more recently, he produced the very lucrative Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr.

Now, the producer is developing a supernatural-action property called Sanctuary - no relation to the TV show of the same name - which has been described as "a cross between 'Wanted' and 'Blade.'" Which is funny, considering one of those movies influenced Silver’s The Matrix (if only a little) and the other never would’ve existed without it.

According to Deadline, the story of this Blade/Wanted hybrid centers on a woman possessed by a demon - think The Exorcist - who seeks "sanctuary" within ‘The Sanctuary,’ a secret organization run by the Vatican that teaches possessed men and women how to harness the power of their demons in the fight against evil.

It’s easy enough to see why Blade is a relevant comparison here - both Blade and Sanctuary involve a protagonist afflicted by supernatural evil who manages to turn said evil against the true monsters of the world. Wanted, on the other hand, doesn’t immediately spring to mind while reading the synopsis. Of course, both films do involve secret organizations that train the protagonist to harness his or her powers, but the similarities seem to end there.

Sanctuary A Cross Between Wanted and Blade

That’s basically all we know about Sanctuary so far. It sounds like the sort of film that could, with the right creative team behind it, be an incredibly fun time. And with the wrong team behind it, it could be more akin to Priest.

Sanctuary will be Silver’s first film since he ended his 25-year working relationship with Warner Bros. back in September. It’s being developed through Silver Pictures and Paramount Pictures from a script by Alan Trezza, whose last and only writing credit was a short called Burying the Ex in 2008.

Does Sanctuary sound interesting to you, Screen Ranters? Or are Joel Silver's best filmmaking days behind him? Let us know in the comments.

There's no word yet as to when Sanctuary will go into production, nor is there a release date, so stay tuned for  more news as it becomes available.


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Source: Deadline

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