SR Geek Picks: Darth Heisenberg, Johnny Depp Retirement Debate, Disney Princess Instagram & More


Makeup/Cosplay Transformations

Jack Sparrow Makeup

Heisenberg Makeup

Mad Hatter Makeup

Avatar Na'vi Makeup

Carly Paige transforms herself into various characters from tv and film.


Darth Heisenberg

Darth Heisenberg

PJ McQuade created this ingenius but logical mashup of the badasses from Breaking Bad and Star Wars.

It is available as a 13x19" full bleed giclée print, hand signed and dated. OH, I am including a free 3x4" Darth Heisenberg head waterproof sticker with every print purchased. :)


The Giving Tree Movie Trailer with Tyler Posey

Here's the new trailer for the film adaptation of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein in Tree-D.



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