• Marvel Studios recently released Avengers: Endgame, its biggest movie ever. 1 / 8

  • The film was directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, returning from Infinity War. 2 / 8

    Joe Russo Vertical
  • When asked during a recent Endgame Q&A session which DC character he'd like to direct, 3 / 8

    Avengers Endgame poster vertical
  • Joe Russo responded with Batman, who he's always been a big fan of. 4 / 8

  • Of course, the Russos are unlikely to direct a DC movie, due to their close association with Marvel. 5 / 8

    Joe Russo and Chris Evans Vertical
  • That said, one wonders how awesome a Russo-directed Batman flick would be. 6 / 8

  • Sadly, we'll probably never get to find out the answer to that question. 7 / 8

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