Joe Quesada Talks Captain America, Spider-Man 4 & More

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, a man who always makes the effort to talk to the fans, held his own Q&A at Big Apple Comic-Con over the weekend. While talking a ton about comics, characters and not being able to talk about the Disney merger, he did address some questions regarding some of the upcoming Marvel superhero movies.

Quesada fielded questions about Spider-Man 4, The First Avenger: Captain America and the new kid-focused cartoon series, Super Hero Squad Show. Read what he had to say after the jump - especially about what he says about the Cap movie!

Comic Book Resources was in attendance making note of what was said and when the subject of Marvel movies first came up from the series of fan questions, the first topic was that of Spider-Man 4. However, since Sony owns the film rights to Spider-Man and not Marvel Studios, Quesada isn't too involved and didn't have much to say on the topic.

"I'm the biggest Sam Raimi fan in the world, so I can pretty much guarantee that it'll be damn good."

I wonder what Joe thought of Spider-Man 3...

Next, the questions moved towards something he could talk about and something Marvel and movie fans really want to hear about: The First Avenger: Captain America.

"I've seen a couple of outlines and an initial screenplay, and it's going to rock everyone's socks off... It's very unexpected, the kind of movie it is."

The Marvel headmaster then added that Captain America's solo film sets up The Avengers in "a fantastic way." The most interesting thing he revealed however, is that there exists a wish list of actors that they have to play the patriotic hero. That's a list I want to hear more about and I expect that casting decisions will start having to be made soon.

As for the Super Hero Squad Show, which no doubt appeals to Disney's desires to acquire a strong hold of the youth demographic, Quesada used his young daughter as an example of someone who could be drawn into the Marvel universe at a young age with this sort of introduction to the characters.

"I think [that approach to attaining new comics readers] will increase the more that Marvel gets into the mainstream."

So, there you have it. Quesada is very optimistic about the Captain America film and it seems they have some lead actors already in mind - no surprise if we assume The First Avenger: Captain America will not be delayed from its release date a mere two months after Thor (a movie that's deep into casting with its leads already selected).

Any guesses as to who's on that list of candidates to play Steve Rogers?

Check out my thoughts on the future of Captain America and my partner in crime, Kofi Outlaw's piece on who should play Captain America.

All three of the Marvel heroes will have their next films open in theaters in the summer of 2011. The First Avenger: Captain America is scheduled to open July 22, 2011, Thor will strike theaters May 20, 2011 and Spider-Man 4 webs the screens May 5, 2011.

Source: CBR

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