Joe Quesada Loves Iron Man 2, Meets for Captain America

Joe Quesada tweeted some updates  a few hours ago for the Marvel Studios moviegoers out there about next summer's Iron Man 2 and the relatively-quiet-in-development The First Avenger: Captain America.

On Iron Man 2, he says he's seen a rough cut of the film and is in love with it, praising director Jon Favreau for his masterful work. This is not dissimilar to his high regard for Thor director Kenneth Branagh, whom he says he could listen to talk and act out scenes of Thor for hours on end. As for Captain America,  he says they recently had a very good script meeting.

Here are Quesada's messages:

"Back in LA and just saw a rough cut of Iron Man 2. I worship before the alter of the mighty Favreau, he is da man!"

"Did I forget to mention an AMAZING Cap script meeting? Actually I did. I work here and these movies can't come out fast enough for me."

Everything is sounding great for the fans of Iron Man 2 but on the other hand, Quesada would never talk negatively about a Marvel Studios flick before it comes out. I, however, have confidence that it will be awesome.

As for Captain America, which is set to debut two months after Thor in the summer of 2011, the Cap team seems to be further behind in the development process than Branagh's team, which already has the script, sets and casting complete and is set to start shooting Thor next month with rehearsals beginning this week.

We still haven't heard who's playing Steve Rogers (Cap's alter-ego) and surprisingly there hasn't been a series of rumors of potential candidates like we saw with Thor, leading up to the official announcement of Chris Hemsworth. Last we heard on the Cap casting front was from Quesada in October, whern he revealed only that they have a "wish list" of names of actors who they are seeking for the role.

I am excited and curious about what's happening with Captain America and I hope it is not further delayed as that could mean another delay for The Avengers.

If you missed it, there's a possibility we could be seeing the official trailer release for Iron Man 2 next week alongside Avatar and if not, the week after attached to Sherlock Holmes.

Stay tuned for more Marvel movie news at Screen Rant.

Iron Man 2 opens May 7, 2010, Thor opens May 20, 2011, The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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