Joe Pesci Gets Nostalgic In Another Google Home Alone Ad

Joe Pesci in Home Alone

Joe Pesci returns in a nostalgic ad for Google revisiting one of his most famous roles as Harry from Home Alone. Maintaining a low profile in recent years Pesci was last onscreen in a 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Snickers, and it seems the Super Bowl has lured Pesci out of semi-retirement once again.

Pesci has only appeared onscreen in a pair of films in the last fifteen years - 2006’s The Good Shepherd and 2010’s Love Ranch. The actor is set to reunite with his Goodfellas co-star, Robert De Niro as well as its iconic director, Martin Scorsese in the upcoming Netflix epic, The Irishman, coming out later this year. His breakthrough role came in earlier Martin Scorsese picture, Raging Bull, which Pesci used to push his unique tough guy persona into character actor roles in a slew of movies over the course of the next two decades, including Once Upon a Time in America, My Cousin Vinny, and JFK. Pesci even won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Scorsese's legendary gangster film, Goodfellas.

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Officially released by Google on their many social media accounts, the new ad is part of a campaign Google has launched for their Google Home products. It features the 75-year-old actor sporting a trimmed beard, a stylish hat and black shirt, hushing the party to watch an ad on TV - Macaulay Culkin’s own Home Alone-inspired Google ad. Pesci then adds his own commentary, celebrating his central line: “Better get out of here before somebody sees us.” The ad also emphasizes various Google Assistant interactions and devices throughout. You can check out the Super Bowl-bound ad, dubbed "Joe Pesci watches Home Alone Again,” below:

Even though we may never see another Home Alone with the original cast, these Google ads are a delight unto themselves. Google Assistant previously debuted a new ad featuring Macaulay Culkin playing an adult version of his Kevin McCallister character from the 1990 classic. Culkin’s Google ad, released shortly before Christmas, has become a viral sensation, racking up more than 39 million views on YouTube. However, in that ad, Culkin appears as his character while here, Pesci isn't playing Harry but himself hosting a party. We're getting more of a meta-commentary on the Google ad itself rather than a Home Alone reunion, but it's charming enough on its own.

It's no surprise, either. Google creates separate top-trending lists for the entire world and for most individual countries, often releasing their top searched trending searches for the year. Suffice to say, they would know a thing or two about who and what people are looking up. Home Alone is a staple for multiple generations at this point, and with Pesci set to reemerge, now is as good a time as any to deliver more Wet Bandits action. The Google ad starring Joe Pesci is set to run this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

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