Joe Manganiello Dunks On Guy Bashing Dungeons & Dragons

Joe Manganiello Playing D&D

Joe Manganiello defends Dungeons & Dragons, dunking on AEW wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman in the process. While this could be the start of a storyline between the two, considering Manganiello is a wrestling fan who has appeared in the ring before, it is nonetheless a hilarious response from a famous star which serves as a sign of how old stereotypes no longer apply.

It should be noted that Friedman, often simply known as ‘MJF’ is a classic wrestling villain. In the vein of Rick Rude or Shawn Michaels in his prime, MJF is the kind of persona that taunts crowds by frequently, and obnoxiously, touting his superiority to those around him. He doesn’t think highly of wrestling buffs and isn’t afraid to let them know it, frowning and even occasionally flipping the bird when he takes a photo with a fan. The gimmick is simple and quite common, employed in the modern era by The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, among many others, but MJF is particularly devoted to it. While wrestlers will often break character on Twitter and in interviews, MJF will openly marvel at his own attractiveness. It usually works for him, except for how he earned the attention of Manganiello.

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The exchange, which was helpfully placed side by side for comparison’s sake by Adam Lance Garcia, began with a photo of MJF posing in front of a mirror, smirking, and showing off his muscles. “I don’t play Dungeons & Dragons,” he captioned. It’s a particularly old school comment to make, from an old school kind of performer, who enjoys playing up his gimmick. A high school bully, in a cheesy movie, who is as talented as he is unlikable. Manganiello replied to the tweet, offering a photo of his own.

It could be the start of a storyline between the two. Manganiello has made no secret of his wrestling fandom. The actor, known for his appearances in the Magic Mike series, has cameoed on Monday Night Raw. He has also been spotted with his wife, actress Sofia Vergara, at an independent wrestling event in the past. It would be continuing a tradition of celebrities mixing it up in the squared circled. Hugh Jackman, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Amell have all recently been guests on wrestling shows.

But even if not, even if Manganiello just saw an easy rebuttal and couldn’t help himself, he makes a good point. At a time when Avengers: Endgame is the highest-grossing movie of all time, and when streaming services are launching partially on the strength of Star Wars, it seems like a cliché to mock Dungeons & Dragons as being too niche. Manganiello’s perfect, quick retort proves the point.

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Source: Adam Lance Garcia

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