Joe Johnston Speaks About Chris Evans as Captain America

Ever since Chris Evans was cast as Captain America in Joe Johnston's upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America, we've wondered how the actor will handle the transformation from the scrawny Steve Rogers into a super-powered bad-ass. Will we see a CG-aided performance, ala Sam Worthington's withered legs in Avatar? Or will the actor simply film the first part of the movie and bulk up for the rest? While Johnston hasn't delivered any jaw-dropping details, he did reveal some of the plans for his vision in an interview with Earth's Mightiest Fansites.

"I can't divulge how we're going to do [the transformation], but the performance will be Chris Evans from beginning to end. An actor playing Captain America has to embody that backstory and let it inform his understanding of his new self. One of the interesting aspects of the character is the effect that kind of total transformation would have on his psyche."

If you've seen Danny Boyle's Sunshine, you'll know that Evans has the ability to embody a character whose psyche changes due to an outside impetus. I think this will be the coolest aspect of the film: seeing that transformation on screen will be a total wish-fulfillment scenario for the audience, and I'm sure most of us can relate to wanting to gain confidence and strength (although most of us don't hope for an injection of Super-Soldier serum as the solution). The interviewer also asked how Evans was chosen for the role, and Johnston's answer may surprise you.

"Chris didn't audition at all. I was already familiar with everything he'd done and was championing his cause, not that I had a fight from the Marvel team. They were fans of his as well. He came in to the art department to say hi, saw all the jaw-dropping art and designs on the wall and reacted the way I'd hoped he would. It was really his wonderful enthusiasm for everything he saw that cinched the deal...He will bring the perfect balance of dramatic performance and physicality to the role."

Captain America had the longest rumor-filled casting process in recent memory. Many actors were said to have screen tested for the role, so I find it interesting that Evans didn't even have to audition. The folks at Marvel must be extremely confident that Evans can handle this role, and since he was great as The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films and looks poised to steal some scenes in The Losers and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, why wouldn't they be? I must say that of all the choices of actors (rumored or otherwise) to play Captain America, Evans was my favorite to don the red, white, and blue.

What do you think about Evans' ability to pull off the transformation? The First Avenger: Captain America hits theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: Earth's Mightiest Fansites

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