'Joe Dirt 2' Teaser Trailer: The Beautiful Loser Returns

Joe Dirt 2 Trailer

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser is just the latest nostalgia-inspired sequel to get a shot at theatrical greatness (arguably after its expiration date), but with David Spade back as the cult-favorite character, there's automatically going to be a audience of late-90s/early 2000s high school and college kids (now adults) lured back for another go.

EW has the exclusive debut of the Joe Dirt 2 Trailer - check it out by clicking the link below and then we'll discuss.


WATCH: Joe Dirt 2 Teaser


Here are further details on the film, provided by EW:

Why bring Joe back after all these years? “I’ve always liked the movie a lot,” Spade says. “But I also go by feedback from people I see or [what they write] on Twitter and Instagram. Besides Tommy Boy, this is the most talked-about movie for me. After 10 years of people still asking about a sequel, we finally found a good way to do it…. Joe is a fun character to play. I’m stoked for everyone to see it.”

Returning alongside Spade is Christopher Walken, as well as Brittany Daniel, Dennis Miller, Adam Beach, and, fresh from Sharknado 2, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath. Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison is producing the film, while Fred Wolf (Joe Dirt, Grown Ups) directs, and Wolf and Spade both produce and write.

Joe Dirt 2 Trailer (Teaser)
David Spade in 'Joe Dirt 2'

What is there to say except: That's Joe Dirt, alright. Besides noting how well star David Spade has held up in the near decade and a half since the first film, we also get glimpses of people like Brittany Daniel (The Game), Adam Beach (Suicide Squad) and Christopher Walken all reprising their roles from the first installment.

"Nostalgia sequels" like Dumb & Dumber To  (and to lesser extent, Anchorman 2) haven't exactly resulted in huge box office success stories (or fan love) for comedies in particular; however, Joe Dirt seems like a small enough investment (from a financial standpoint) to stand a fair chance at taking in a profit. If only from slow-burn spread, much like the original did.

Then again, the early 2000s era of DVD longevity is over, and word-of-mouth spread comes at the price of a Netflix account. The film is going for an ambitious online rollout, but has Dirt's time passed? The answer is never - not when time travel is on the table (and in this film, it apparently is...).

Joe Dirt 2 Poster

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser will be streaming on Crackle in Summer 2015.

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