'The Hole' Trailer: Unleash Your Deepest Fears in 3D

The Cast of The Hole

Trailers for Joe Dante's The Hole have been circulating the Internet for years. Now that the film is finally being released stateside - the film first screened in 2009 - Bold Films has released one more.

The Hole's story centers on two siblings and a neighbor who discover a mysteriously locked trap door in the siblings' new home. Of course, being mischievous children in a horror movie, they unlock the door and discover what horrors the mysterious hole contains.

Joe Dante's vision for The Hole is actually quite unique and doesn’t revolve so much around the idea of a bottomless pit, but rather what the pit unleashes. However, the film is being touted as a 3D release, so we wouldn't be surprised if the Gremlins director pulled a few 3D-specific tricks on the audience - like the shot of nails falling toward the camera.

On the other hand, the idea that the hole keeps hidden all of a person's biggest fears could make for some serious scares, something Dante is more than comfortable with. Shots and sequences in The Hole's trailer run the gamut of creepy iconography - from clowns to (zombie?) children to mysterious shadows. Basically, if it's a scary movie trope, it'll likely be in this film.

And to make things even more loony, there's a character (played by Bruce Dern) that looks suspiciously similar to Doc Brown from Back to the Future. We're sure it's purely coincidental that a white-haired scientist capable of explaining the majority of the film's plot - who likes to wear a hefty pair of glasses on his head - is in no way meant to resemble the Christopher Lloyd character.

The Cast of The Hole

Joe Dante's proclivity for more family-friendly fare as of late has been permeated by a few horror nods here and there - most notably on two episodes of Masters of Horror - but The Hole is a chance for him to return to his roots. Since his 1978 cult classic Piranha has already been given its own 3D remake, why can't Dante take a crack at the new technology telling an altogether different story?

The Hole is out in theaters on September 28, 2012 and stars Terio Polo (Little Fockers), Nathan Gamble, Chris Massoglia, and Haley Bennet.


Source: Yahoo

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