Attack the Block’s Joe Cornish to Direct The Kid Who Would Be King

Director Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish has found his next project, The Kid Who Would Be King. The director has been somewhat quiet since the 2011 release of Attack the Block - the film that introduced the world to John Boyega - working on scripts for movies like Ant-Man and The Adventures of Tintin but not bringing to fruition any of his own directorial projects.

In addition to introducing the world to the man who would go on to play Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Attack the Block was in its own right an exciting, off-beat sci-fi action-comedy. The story of a group of South London teens defending their neighborhood from invading aliens, the film sounded echoes of '80s movies like Goonies and Critters while simultaneously managing to feel totally original and invested with its own particular swagger. Half-a-decade later, Cornish has finally found the right project for his second feature, and once again he will be working with a cast of young actors.

The Playlist reports that Cornish has zeroed in on a project called The Kid Who Would Be King, a story described as "a family fantasy action-adventure movie about a band of young kids embarking on an epic quest to thwart a Medieval menace." A casting call for the movie announces they are seeking "confident, smart kids" between the ages of 10-15 who can be from any ethnic background but must speak English. The film once again sees Cornish working with Working Title and Big Talk.

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Cornish has attempted to get multiple projects off the ground in the years since 2011, including an adaptation of the daunting Neil Stephenson novel Snow Crash and an adaptation of the comic book Rust, while also finding his name attached to multiple big-budget movies including Star Trek: Beyond and Gambit. After all those opportunities failed to come to fruition, Cornish appears to have found his way back to his comfort zone by once again tackling a genre movie with a cast full of pre-teens and teens. The brief description of the movie doesn't say if it will take place in contemporary times, or will journey back into Medieval days for a Time Bandits-type of adventure.

It's also unknown whether John Boyega will be involved with the new film, but it's worth noting that he did recently tease that he was "brainstorming ideas" with Cornish. Either way, given how Boyega blew up after Attack the Block, Joe Cornish should have no problem convincing young actors to flock to him in hopes of scoring a role in his new movie. Like Steve Spielberg before him, Cornish seems to have a particular knack for handling ensembles made up of teenagers and not stuffing it with "kid-acting" cliches.

Attack the Block only continues to grow a following, with those who've seen it regarding it as an under-appreciated sleeper movie filled with action and wit and believable teen behavior. We'll see if Joe Cornish can score again with The Kid Who Would Be King.

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Source: The Playlist

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