Jodie Foster Developing Female-Centric Mob Series at Showtime

Silence of the Lambs star Jodie Foster may not have anything to do with NBC's Hannibal TV series, but that doesn't mean she's staying away from television. The Academy Award-winning actress and occasional filmmaker is currently developing a mob drama series at Showtime called Angie's Body with an eye toward directing and executive producing.

The new show is described as a Sopranos-like drama that follows a shrewd and lethal woman who runs a family-based crime syndicate. There aren't any other plot details known at this time, but the script comes from Heroes and Jericho writer, Rob Fresco, who will also executive produce the series with Russ Krasnoff, one of the executive producers of Community. Though it is said Foster will direct the project, it's not clear if that means she will direct all the episodes in the potential series or just the pilot.

This is the first time Foster is venturing into TV, but it's not her first go-round with Showtime. The Hollywood Reporter points out that in 1998 she produced a TV movie called The Baby Dance starring Stockard Channing and Laura Dern.

However, it's her talent behind the camera that has us most interested in seeing how this series develops. Most recently, Foster directed The Beaver starring Mel Gibson. Before that, she was at the helm of the holiday comedy Home for the Holidays and the intriguing drama Little Man Tate. She hasn't taken on projects behind the camera very frequently, so we're hoping that means this is something truly captivating.

As for the series itself, it couldn't come at a better time for Showtime, a network that has found success with female-centric series. Both Weeds (starring Mary-Louise Parker) and The Big C (with Laura Linney) are coming to a close soon, so there will be a void on the network that could very well be filled by another talented actress. And while we've seen plenty of tough-as-nails female characters as various law enforcement figures, I believe this is the first time we'll see a lead female role taking the charge of a crime syndicate. That certainly sounds a lot better than a dramatized version of Mob Wives.

Showtime's current female-centric series will be ending soon

My only fear comes from mentioning The Sopranos as part of the series description, as that sets the bar pretty high. Still, with Foster involved, I'm thoroughly interested in seeing where the project goes. With Dexter ending in a couple years, Angie's Body could easily become their new successful crime drama. However, that will require a female lead with acting chops comparable to that of Michael C. Hall and an intriguing character that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Stay tuned for more information on Angie's Body as it develops.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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