New Release Dates: 'Jobs', 'Chef', 'Romeo and Juliet' and More

First Photo of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Studios have always jostled to secure their big blockbusters the best release dates, but in recent years they've developed the (Bad? Annoying?) habit of shifting previously-secured dates by seemingly insignificant increments that range from two days to a week. Between that and the excessively hyped/over-marketed tentpoles hogging the spotlight, it can be hard to keep tabs on when upcoming smaller films will attempt to carve out a slice of the pie for themselves.

We've rounded up the release date announcements, changes and reshuffling from the past week, and they include the Steve Jobs biopic Jobs (formerly, jOBS), Jon Favreau's indie passion project Chef, Jason Statham's action-drama Homefront, a new Romeo and Juliet retelling and Tarsem Singh's sci-fi thriller Selfless.

Here are the release dates for the above-mentioned films:

  • Jobs will now open in U.S. theaters on August 16th, 2013.
  • Romeo and Juliet is now set to open theatrically on September 6th, 2013.
  • Homefront will reach theaters on October 4th, 2013.
  • Chef is set to reach U.S. theaters on May 9th, 2014.
  • Selfless will be released in theaters on September 26th, 2014.

Jobs premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to mixed reviews, and was originally scheduled to hit theaters this past April. The film explores the early life of the titular entrepreneur - as well as Apple Inc. co-founder and former CEO - and stars Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney (The Grey), Matthew Modine (The Dark Knight Rises), Lukas Haas (Lincoln), Josh Gad (The Internship), J.K. Simmons (the Spider-Man trilogy) and James Wood (White House Down).

Romeo and Juliet is a traditional cinematic re-interpretation of the William Shakespeare tragedy (watch the trailer), starring young Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit), Douglas Booth (Noah), Paul Giamatti (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Damian Lewis (Homeland), Stellan Skarsgård (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Natasha McElhone (Californication) and Kodi Smit-McPhee (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes).

Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth in Romeo and Juliet
Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth as 'Romeo and Juliet'

Homefront was adapted from the Chuck Logan novel by Sylvester Stallone and directed by Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury). It stars Jason Statham, James Franco (This Is the End), Winona Ryder (The Iceman), Kate Bosworth (Straw Dogs) and Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). Here is the official logline:

Homefront is an action movie about a widowed ex-DEA agent who retires to a small town for the sake of his 10-year-old daughter. The only problem is he picked the wrong town.

Chef is based on an original script written by Jon Favreau, who is also directing and headlining the indie film. The cast includes Favrau's Iron Man 2 stars Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson, in addition to Sofia Vergara (Machete Kills) and John Leguizamo (Kick-Ass 2). Here is the synopsis:

Chef is the story of Carl Casper (Favreau), who loses his chef job and cooks up a food truck business in hopes of reestablishing his artistic promise. At the same time, he tries to reconnect with his estranged family.

Selfless is an original sci-fi tale written by Àlex and David Pastor (Carriers), with Tarsem Singh (Immortals) directing and Ryan Reynolds headlining. Here is the official summary:

Ryan Reynolds stars in Selfless, an unconventional sci-fi thriller about a terminally ill billionaire who buys a chance for eternal life through an experimental underground medical procedure called “shedding”, which transfers his consciousness into the cadaver of a younger man. But the promise of immortality turns into a nightmare when he experiences flashbacks which begin to reveal the disturbing origins of the body he now inhabits.

Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming supernatural action-comedy 'R.I.P.D.'

Finally, here are a few new release dates and changes we missed last week:

  • Director Ridley Scott's The Counselor - a drug drama/thriller scripted by Cormac McCarthy - has been bumped up from November 15th to October 25th, 2013. The awards season contender stars Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.
  • Frankenstein is set to reach theaters on October 17th, 2014. The new screen version of Mary Shelley's sci-fi/horror novel will star Daniel Radcliffe as Igor, with a script from Max Landis (Chronicle) which is directed by Paul McGuigan (who has worked on the BBC mini-series Sherlock).
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 has been scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on December 11th, 2015 - so yeah, that's happening.


Source: FilmDistrict, Fox, Open Road Films, Relativity

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