Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Origin Movie Gets Creepy Fan Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker origin movie receives a creepy teaser in a fan-made trailer. The Joker has received plenty of attention on the big screen in the past, but now he's set to get a movie all his own. Warner Bros. and DC Films are using Batman's iconic foe to launch a new label - reportedly called DC Dark or DC Black - that will tell smaller, more adult tales with DC's famed characters. The movie has been in the works for the last several months, ever since it was revealed that The Hangover's Todd Phillips would direct.

While originally reports pointed to Leonardo DiCaprio being the top-target for the lead role, Joaquin Phoenix eventually became the prime candidate. After months of negotiations, Phoenix officially signed on to the project this past week. With his doing so, the movie is moving forward quickly, and the possibilities have left many wondering how it'll shape up.

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Aldo Jones gave his take on how the Joker origin movie could look, and the early results are very creepy. The fan-made trailer uses Mark Hamill's Joker dialogue from Batman: The Killing Joke to help set up the possible premise. There's only one look at a pre-Joker Phoenix though, as they pull a scene from Irrational Man. It does also link to the DCEU (something the actual movie isn't doing), by including JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon and Ben Affleck's Batman. The final shot is where the edit really makes its mark, with a smiling Phoenix in full classic Joker make-up revealed.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie

Considering Phoenix's movie isn't going to start filming until September, there's going to be several months of waiting before an actual trailer is released for the film. In the meantime though, this fan-made trailer could tide some over. While it isn't a true representation of the movie, the tone very well could match up with how Phoenix has talked about it. And even though there won't be a Batman appearance, his father is rumored to be part of the movie.

Fans should start to learn much more about the movie in the coming weeks too. It was recently revealed that Frances McDormand passed on the role of Joker's mother, so WB clearly wants a big name talent to play the part. There's also been reports of Robert De Niro being eyed for a role too. If they're able to cast high level talent around Phoenix, then the movie will really shape up nicely. With a possible 2019 release date in mind, expect a real trailer for the movie sometime next year.

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Source: Aldo Jones

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