JLA Movie Officially Greenlit, Tom Welling Not Superman

In the "old news is good news" department, yesterday Variety confirmed what's been reported on movie sites (including this one) for quite a while, which is that George Miller (who directed the CGI penguin flick Happy Feet) is now officially onboard to direct the Justice League movie.

Warner Bros. wants to fast-track this and get production rolling ASAP for a 2009 release. Presumably it's so they can get it well into production before the maybe-happening WGA strike next July.

At this time there is still not Christian Bale (Batman) or Brandon Routh (Superman) involvement in the film, and in further casting non-news IESB have reversed themselves on the news that Tom Welling (who plays Clark Kent on the TV series Smallville) will be playing Superman in the Justice League film.

Previously they had reported that they had "rock solid" info stating that Welling was indeed going to play the role in the movie, but the same source that gave them that info has now stated basically "oops, sorry, not happening." For the full scoop go here.

In other Superman-related news, it seems that the sequel to Superman Returns, tentatively title Superman: Man of Steel, has been pushed back indefinitely in order for the JLA movie to move forward. Personally, that doesn't bother me since I thought Bryan Singer's version was very disappointing and the prospect of having Lex Luthor be the villain for the umpteenth time leaves me uninterested.

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