J.J. Abrams Directing 'Undercovers' Pilot [Updated]

The man that brought us 105 episodes worth of reasons for Jennifer Garner to appear half-naked is set to direct the pilot for NBC's next spy story, Undercovers.  It comes as no surprise that Abrams will also serve as executive producer.

We first got wind of Undercovers a few months back when the TV networks went to bidding war for the project.  Since then, we've been waiting on details of the show to emerge - and emerge they have, along with confirmation that NBC will air the show.

If anybody can pull it off, it's Abrams.  Undercovers already has the Austrian-born Boris Kodjoe attached, who we've seen in Boston Public and Soul Food.  There's already a viral website promoting the show, with some screenshots showing a news broadcast describing the mysterious (if this were anything besides a J.J. Abrams show) disappearance of Kodjoe's character, Steven Bloom. Check it out  HERE. No word on which actress will be playing the character of Steven Bloom's wife, Samantha.

UPDATE: Coming Soon now informs us that actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Doctor Who) will be the actress to play Samantha Bloom.  See photo below:



Abrams has a habit of directing the pilots for his TV shows, having done so with Alias and Lost.  He also directed what I (and many others) thought was the the best action/adventure  flick of the summer, Star Trek.

Given the popularity of all three, I'm not surprised to see him sticking with tradition.  The man does consistently good work in my opinion, and when considering all the baloney on TV, why not dip back into an entertaining, if already tapped well?  Here's hoping Undercovers reveals a few more (semi-believable) tricks up Abrams' sleeves.

The show is set for NBC's new post-Leno-debacle lineup, with no official premiere date listed.

Source:  TrekMovie, UndercoversWeb

Update Source: Coming Soon

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