J.J. Abrams' New Spy Show Causes Bidding War

Who wants the next Alias? That's the question that has a lot of the major networks warring for J.J. Abrams' new spy-thriller series. Variety reports that ABC, NBC and CBS are all in the running for the spec script for the yet-untitled series, which Abrams penned along with Felicity writer Josh Reims.

The plot of the hour-long series reportedly centers around a couple of spies who are also married. The tentative title for the show is Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Ok, so OBVIOUSLY the show isn't called Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but you get what I'm saying...

I was never a fan of Alias - tried to get onboard several times, but kept falling off the train - but I WAS a fan of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. My only concern is that the whole "married spies" shtick seems like something that could get REAL old, REAL fast. However, it is J.J. behind this series, and if you check the blogging archives, there was a time when I thought Fringe was going to be nothing more than an X-Files rip off - now I'm hooked.

Never doubt the power of J.J.

Warner Bros. TV, and Abrams' Bad Robot are behind the show. We'll keep you posted on which network ultimately picks it up.

Source: Variety

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