J.J. Abrams Talks Cloverfield 2 & Gorn in Star Trek 2

Want to know how long it takes to make some movies happen? Cloverfield, the "shaky cam" movie about an attack on New York City by a giant monster, hit theaters back in January 2008. Before that month was out, Cloverfield 2 had been green lit by Paramount studios. Flash forward 2 years later, and the only news we’ve heard from producer J.J. Abrams is “Yup, we’re working on it [sic].”

You know, for a film that brought in $170 million worldwide on a budget of just $25 million, I would think Paramount and Abrams would be chomping at the bit to get Cloverfield 2 out in theaters, ASAP. Of course, the fact that Abrams is also working on a sequel to last summer's sci-fi hit Star Trek, producing the hit show Fringe, is putting together material for Mission Impossible 4 and has a secret 500 Rads project all in the works, could possibly mean the guy just doesn’t have the time to properly focus on Cloverfield 2.

Does the world NEED a Cloverfield 2? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from giving audiences a sequel before. I’m just wondering why they are dragging their feet so much on this one. Could it be that they haven’t really done anything about it yet and are just dropping the “Check is in the mail” routine on interviewers? Perhaps Abrams and company really want to make a decent sequel and therefore haven’t rushed the creative process.  Here’s what Abrams said about Cloverfield 2 during a recent red carpet interview with MTV:

"We're working on something right now with that and again, you know, it's [in the] early stages."

Oh that clears things up; thanks J.J. Here’s what I think he means by “working on something right now”:

[scene ]

[Abrams talking to director Matt Reeves at Starbucks]

Abrams: “Hey we should talk about some ideas for Cloverfield two.”

Reeves: “Yeah you’re right. We should totally talk about some ideas for Cloverfield  two.”

[end scene]

That’s pretty much the extent of the thought that has been given to this movie so far, but like always, Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date with any new information.

Now for some interesting Star Trek 2 news; there has been plenty of speculation for who or what should be the main source of villainy in Star Trek 2. Klingons, Romulans, and Kahn have all been kicked around as possible antagonists to our beloved Captain Kirk and Enterprise crew. Now Abrams is throwing out one more possibility – The Gorn (see pic below). Here’s what he said to MTV:

"I have to admit the ['Star Trek' sequel] is really all about the Gorn. We just thought it would be fun... to go Gorn."

OK, so Abrams was obviously talking in a tongue-in-cheek way about making the Gorn the Star Trek 2 villains but I’m actually thinking, “Why not?” If you aren’t familiar with the Gorn, let me give you some quick background: The Gorn are a race of reptilian humanoids. They are slow moving, hiss a lot but are quite lethal and are known to be very cunning. Kirk battled a Gorn captain in the Star Trek episode “Arena” and barely escaped with his life.

With the writing talent of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman combined with the directing prowess of J.J. Abrams, I think the Gorn as an enemy could hold up pretty well. If anything, they could be made into secondary villains that become main villains in Star Trek 3.

BONUS: Check out a classic Kirk vs. Gorn clip!


What do you guys think about the Cloverfield 2 news and using The Gorn as bad guys in Star Trek 2?

Clovefield 2 has no release date and Star Trek 2 sets its phaser to stun on June 29th, 2012.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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