J.J. Abrams' Next Project A Collaboration With Spielberg?

J.J. Abrams is being secretive about what is reportedly his next directorial project. According to sources at Vulture, Abrams has chosen his next film to be a sort of homage or tribute to the classic films of Steven Spielberg. Not only that but the project will also be a collaboration between Abrams and Spielberg himself.

Abrams has supposedly just finished writing the script for the movie which is described as, "a tip of the hat to [Spielberg’s] movies of the 70’s and early 80’s." Abrams is said to want to "roll up his sleeves and direct the script himself," instead of just being a producer as he often is (not that that's an easy road to take, of course).

Not surprisingly, both Paramount and DreamWorks completely denied any knowledge of this project which probably means it's definitely in the cards :) .

So what is this secretive project about? Well, the word "secretive" should give you a clue that things like the specific plot and even the title are being kept under wraps. However, Vulture does offer the following generalized outline of what the story deals with:

"The project will deal with everyday people whose personal relationships are tested when they are thrown up against extraordinarily fantastic - and possibly other-worldly - events."

Sources say that Abrams is already in talks with Spielberg to make sure that he's involved in some sort of capacity, even if it's just as an exec producer or an advisor. Abrams wants to make sure this is a proper tribute to Spielberg, who is easily one of most loved and well known film directors in history. "This is really an interpretation of some of Spielberg's earlier films, but done in a personal way," said a source.

J.J. Abrams paying tribute Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T.?
Abrams paying tribute to early Spielberg films?

Similar to Cloverfield - which Abrams produced - this project will have a relatively low budget. Cloverfield was made for an impressive $25 million using unknown actors and only brief showings of the monster (a technique I really liked, whilst others thought it almost ruined the movie). But those of you sick of shaky-cam will be glad to know this Spielberg tribute film won't be done in that same Cloverfield-like style.

The comparison to Cloverfield has more to do with making this film on a modest budget, with it even being described as, "the anti-Avatar." That's not Abrams knocking Avatar or big-budget movies, "but he really wants to make this, and the way to do that is to be fiscally responsible."

It's becoming a growing trend for filmmakers to take more and more on at the one time, and Abrams is no exception. If this news is true and Abrams jumps in with both feet to direct this Spielberg tribute movie next, he'll have to wade through his other directing and producing duties to make room:

Currently on Abarms' slate: the ending Lost; overseeing Fringe; launching Undercovers; producing a Cloverfield sequel; producing Mission: Impossible IV; a Harrison Ford/Rachel McAdams comedy called Morning Glory; an adaption of Let the Great World Spin; and maybe even another secretive project called 500 Rads. And let's not forget Star Trek 2 but that probably won't start filming until at least next year.

What do you think of Abrams apparently next directing a film that's a tribute to Spielberg? Going by the little we know of the plot what do you think the movie could be about?

Source: Vulture (via /Film)

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