J.J. Abrams: Star Trek Savior?

J.J. Abrams put in appearance at the recent Grand Slam Sci Fi convention in California and of course he had a few comments about his upcoming Star Trek movie. I think that if the long time fans can keep an open mind, everything is pointing to a phoenix-like rebirth for the Trek franchise.

I keep reading quotes from Abrams stating how he respects the original show and wants to be faithful to it. I just keep imagining a Battlestar Galactica-type revamp of the classic series. Now, I have to admit that when I saw the pilot episode of the new BSG that I really didn't like it, but over time I've come to the opinion that it's about the best sci-fi on the air right now.

At the convention, Abrams made a comment that goes a long way to sealing the deal as far as my thoughts on his being the captain of the upcoming Star Trek film. Richard Arnold (who can be described as a "professional fan" and makes the rounds at conventions) told the crowd that he discussed with Abrams how he felt that some of the later series of Trek got away from the Roddenberry vision, noting that Rick Berman once described early Trek as "pollyannish". Abrams reply to that was:

"I think we can all do with some pollyanna."

Sounds to me like Paramount found the polar opposite of Rick Berman, who as far as I know is going nowhere NEAR this movie and that, my friends, is a GOOD thing.

Source: Trekweb

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