J.J. Abrams & Jack Bender Making '7 Minutes in Heaven' Movie

The latest game to be made into a movie is one that I don't think anyone saw coming: Heat Vision is reporting that fan-favorite J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot company are teaming up with director Jack Bender to make a 7 Minutes in Heaven movie.

Yup, that game teenagers used to play where they went into a dark closet and made out with someone (or whatever else you could fit into the allotted time...).

Now before you go crazy with confusion and anger about Hollywood plumbing the depths to come up with ideas for movies, please note that it's Abrams and Bender who are behind it. I don't need to explain why Abrams is a trusted source of entertainment, but Bender is a prolific TV director best known for his work on ABC's Lost (he directed most of the note-worthy episodes including all six season finales), which Abrams helped create and was an exec producer on.

You may be wondering why Abrams and Co. are involed with a movie based on a makeout game, and how they can even make a whole movie based on such a concept. Well, the kicker is that it's not just about teenagers kissing in a closet - although, in true Abrams style, specific plot details are being kept under wraps. Here's what we do know:

[It will] focus on two teens who go into a closet as part of the titular game and find all their friends dead when they come back out.

I bet the project has your attention now, eh?

When I read the headline of what this movie is based on I have to admit I scoffed. But that little twist of the teens' friends all being dead when they emerge from the closet is very intriguing indeed. Did the teens in the closet cause their friends deaths? Is someone trying to set them up for murder? Or is it a prank?

It's far too early to tell, but it's always fun to speculate about these sorts of things. Where do you think Abrams and Bender are going with this idea?

Although Bender has only done TV for almost two decades, his work on Lost and (and other shows such as Alias and The Sopranos) has evidently grabbed the attention of Hollywood. He recently entered into negotiations to direct Moscow, the latest in the Jack Ryan franchise, which coincidentally will see Star Trek's Chris Pine stepping into the titular role.

Bender will direct 7 Minutes in Heaven as part of a deal he made back in June, with Abrams (as usual) producing through his Bad Robot company. A writer is currently being sought to pen a script based on the idea.

This isn't the only project Abrams/Bad Robot have in the works: currently on their slate are an untitled Antwerp heist movie, Mystery on Fifth Avenue - which is based on a real-life apartment that was built as a giant puzzle - and most recently Boilerplate, based on the graphic novel of the same name. Of course there's the obvious stuff including Star Trek 2, Mission: Impossible IV and Super 8.

I'm very curious to see how 7 Minutes in Heaven turns out. It never crossed my mind that such a dark twist could be put on a makeout game - makes me wonder what other seemingly (semi) innocent games can be made into unique movies...

Source: Heat Vision

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