J.J. Abrams Will NOT Direct The Lost Season 6 Finale

Since TV and film mega-producer, J.J. Abrams was partly responsible for the creation of Lost - one of the most popular TV shows upon its debut out and continues to be today - it was logical that his name would crop up as a possibility to direct the last ever episode of the series, coming up next year in season 6 of the show.

That's right folks, the end is finally near: Lost will end in 2010.

Although he's barely involved with the creative side of the show these days (from season 2 onwards Lost has essentially been in the creative hands of writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as producer Jack Bender), Abrams still acts as executive producer and retains a co-creator credit.

With his recent reboot of Star Trek (an insanely well received film - for instance it holds a shocking 95% on movie review site, as well as his directing and producing success with the likes of Cloverfield and the third Mission Impossible movie, it's no wonder his name would get thrown around to return to the mystery-filled series before we say goodbye to it forever. However, from Abrams himself, we find out that won't be the case.

During an interview with TIME, Abrams was asked (amongst other things) if he would consider coming back (or "do you have dibs?") to direct the final episode of Lost. Here's what he had to say:

"It would be an honor to go back and direct the finale. The reason I won't do it is that Jack Bender, who is the directing producer on the show, has essentially earned the right to do whatever he wants. He should be directing the finale."

Well, there you go.

He doesn't say anything like, "most likely not," or "it's a possibility, but probably not," but uses the word "won't." He seems to have respect for what the writers and other producers have done with the show, and wants to honor that by allowing them to finish the show however they would like, using whoever they want.

That's not to say Abrams definitely won't direct the last episode, or even simply come back in some sort of writing or more full-on producing capacity if some free time crops up in his cinematically packed schedule. Heck, maybe Lindelof and Cuse, or Bender, will actually want Abrams themselves to direct the finale - who knows?

However if the writers or producers don't want him (or aren't even considering him) then Abrams appears not to want to muscle in just because he was there when the whole thing began. Would I like to see him come back to direct? Frankly, not really. I fully respect the guy for what he did by co-creating my favorite show on TV, using his Alias success at the time to help get it off the ground (or get it crashed on that island...), as well as his success in more cinematic endeavors. But the show has been in the hands of other people for four-plus seasons now, and I say it should remain that way until the very end.

So do you think Abrams should come back to Lost to direct the very last episode? Or should he leave it to those who have been handling for most of it's time on air?

Lost season 6 is set to air in either January or February 2010.

Source: TIME

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