J.J. Abrams To Deliver The World’s Biggest Heist

A god of the geek world, J.J. Abrams continues to innovate and create within the film and television medium, delivering high quality science-fiction works of art so good, that they have become part of the mainstream media.

He can write, direct and compose and he was given the responsibility to bring back Star Trek, the massive science fiction franchise that died several years ago. So, what’s next for J.J.?

Well, he and his company Bad Robot are stepping away from science fiction and putting on the producer shoes for a film based on the biggest heist the world has ever seen: The Antwerp Diamond Center robbery where more than $100 million worth of goods was stolen and never recovered.

The man behind the heist, Leonardo Notarbartolo, was arrested and put in prison for ten years back in 2003. Until now, he has kept completely silent and refused to talk to press. Wired magazine got a chance to speak to him and he revealed all... or did he?

Abrams has optioned the rights from this particular article and the incredible story it reveals. The article which is set to appear in the April issue of Wired, available March 24, is currently available online from the Wired official website. It is a fantastic read and it’s no surprise Abrams jumped on this story for a feature film. I highly recommend checking it out.

I wonder how Abrams will work the Lost Dharma logo or the Cloverfield monster into this movie…

What do you think about this story and its movie potential?

Source: Variety

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