J.J. Abrams Adapts Jimmy Kimmel's Childhood Comic Book

To surprise Jimmy Kimmel on his 50th birthday, J.J. Abrams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and more teamed up to adapt Kimmel's childhood comic into a movie.

J.J. Abrams Jimmy Kimmel The Terrific Ten

To surprise Jimmy Kimmel on his 50th birthday, J.J. Abrams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and more teamed up to adapt Kimmel's childhood comic book into a fake movie trailer. Affleck, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Justice Leaguesurprised the host by bringing out Abrams. The Star Wars: Episode IX director then proceeded to unveil a trailer for the film adaptation of Jimmy Kimmel’s childhood brainchild.

The cast of this jokey trailer is one that any film would be proud to have. Alongside the iconic pairing of Affleck and Damon, the trailer also features Jennifer Aniston, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Cousin Sal, Jon Hamm, Shaq, Ty Burrell, Billy Crudup, Jake Tapper and Wanda Sykes. They’ve all come together with Abrams to act out an adaptation of “The Terrific Ten”, a comic that Kimmel created as a kid.

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Jimmy Kimmel seemed to be genuinely surprised by this bizarre birthday treat. Clearly, all three of these “white guys with beards” had a great old laugh in this segment of the show.

Abrams prompted Kimmel by pulling out the hand-drawn comic book that Kimmel created when he was nine or ten years old. Kimmel quickly remembered all the characters’ names, which include Muscle Man, Color Kid, Lucky Lad and Super Duck (an unashamed rip-off of Marvel’s Howard the Duck). This team of heroes went up against the villainous Mr. Bolt in Kimmel’s comic.

The characters, they really spoke to me”, deadpans Abrams in the clip. “And they demanded to be brought to life.” So, without changing a word of Kimmel’s original text, Abrams made a film adaptation with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The resulting parody trailer is a very funny piece of work, from its Marvel-aping company credit at the start to its highly accurate closing shot – a perfect recreation of Kimmel’s childhood drawing.

We all suck,” laments Damon’s Mr Bolt towards the end of the trailer, before laying into Kimmel. “And you know why? We were created by a weird sad kid who grew to later become a weird fat man.” You could argue was an unnecessarily nasty piece of humor to put in. But Kimmel didn’t seem to be offended, praising the clip as “the best present [he’s] ever gotten.” From an outsider’s perspective, it’s just nice to see a childhood flight of fancy brought to life by genuine movie stars. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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